Everything There’s to China Scrapping its One-Child Policy

Why did China bring its one-child policy to an end after 35 years? Was it because the growing senior population was threatening China’s economic prosperity? Or is it because the government realized it shouldn’t have nosed into people’s bedrooms after all? Let’s find out. For some background and better understanding, learning more about the one-child policy is […]

Why is HTC Failing?

Why is HTC Failing?

HTC is a seasoned player in the smartphone industry. Long before Android took shape, HTC contract-manufactured mobile phones, PDAs, touchscreen phones, etc. for mobile network operators. And when Google’s mobile operating system came into being, HTC was among the first OEMs to build required hardware. The first Nexus device, the Nexus One, was made by HTC. […]

Why Use a Mouse Pad?

Why Do You Need a Mouse Pad?

Small rubber mouse balls are things of the past. Modern mice have gotten advanced. The optical sensors and embedded laser technology work on any and every surface. But many computer enthusiasts still believe a mouse pad is an essential purchase. Why? The optical sensors built into the modern mouse must detect the surface to accurately ascertain […]

Can you drink too much water?

What’s Up With Drinking Excessive Water?!

An enigma always surrounds the subject of water, as to how much of its intake is enough for humans. Just like planet Earth, the human body is primarily composed of water – the range being 55-75%. The actual number varies across individuals, depending on several factors. Since the liquid is most likely to escape the body […]

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Four Tips for Car Manufacturers to Attract Millennials

Millennials, or Generation Y, don’t take pride in owning a car as much as their predecessors did. Technology is what they often get easily hooked up to – no wonder why smartphones, smartwatches, etc. sell like hot cakes even when they have very little to offer (smartwatches, especially). Car manufacturers must take cue from this trend […]

Why are Millennials Not Crazy About Cars?

Despite the popularity of car-based action flicks such as Fast & Furious, most millennials still aren’t convinced about owning a car as much as they fancy buying the latest smartphones. The auto industry is worried and looking for ways to solve their dwindling sales figures among the 20-something crowd. As per CNW Research, the number […]


Why is Owning the Latest Smartphone Such an Itch?

First of all, let’s make one thing clear – not every phone user salivates over a new smartphone. And, this disorientation has got very little to do with money. In fact, a lot of rich men and women carry the same handset from two or three years ago, or even more. However, they are the minority. The larger cohort comprises […]

Clapping in a group

Why Do Humans Clap?

Humans clap to express appreciation and praise – it has now become reflexive and a civilized way of responding to public speeches, theater performances, sports, etc. People clap when they see something laudable. And then there are times when they clap because they are expected or forced to. Even babies and animals do it, quite […]