Explainz.com is a website that’s somewhere between a full-fledged wiki and your typical glossary. The site’s primary objective is to offer information in the most short and easy-to-understand manner, staying true to its caption “Precise.Brief.Clear.” The website was officially launched in November, 2011; however, the planning process had begun several months prior.

Why Do We Exist?

Explainz is not a user community-fed Q&A site where random questions and answers pop up every minute, courtesy member activity. We do not like to have multiple, or rather average responses to a single query, only to perplex the user and play with his/her intelligence. Every piece of content on the site is put up – in the most basic and jargon-free format – only once we are happy and satisfied with the same. We cover only those aspects we feel we can do justice to.

This doesn’t mean we are always right and immune to err. As things evolve and enhance with time, we won’t hesitate to alter our content. At the moment, there is no dedicated mechanism in place to interact with our users. But, if they’d like to have certain concepts and topics covered – presently not thrown light upon – they are most welcome to let us know on our social networking communities (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), or through our “Contact Us” page. Users are also welcome to point out any factual errors!


Explainz does not have the vision nor does it intend to educate its users and make them experts in every possible field of education and learning. The modest goal is to help people understand topics and subjects they’ve never been exposed to before. The technicalities and jargons associated to a topic are a strict no at Explainz, as the website wants each and every user to comprehend and appreciate the content on the website, irrespective of their professional and personal background.

Structure and Research

Almost all the explanations (as we like to call it) are based on the Q&A model. The explanations stick to the point and answer the question it relates to. Having considered the fact that reading on a computer screen is not as convenient as reading from a real book or magazine; the explanations don’t run into several lines or words and make the reading process boring and strenuous. Each and every explanation is arrived at after thorough and multiple-source research – which includes books, journals, magazines, the Internet, etc. As stated before, the explanations are not put up by the website users; therefore, the question of unreliability and inaccuracy should not arise in all probability. The explanations are timeless; however, changes would be considered and relevant content on the site updated whenever needed.

We’ll let you know more about ourselves as we grow and evolve. To know more about our team and the people at the backend of things, get in touch with us at our “Contact Us” page.