Position defense is a defensive strategy employed by established companies to strengthen or sustain current market position. In other words, firms resort to position defense to ensure a new company’s market entry doesn’t impact or weaken their brand. The strategy involves revving up market reputation and image, making the brand close to invincible. For example, reputed brands like Coke, Samsung, Toyota, etc. still promote their offerings despite being household names, as they know the average consumer has a short memory span and who needs to be constantly reminded of the brand’s presence.

Position defense tactics also entail acquiring patents, signing exclusive distribution agreements, erecting entry barriers, etc. Long story short, the market leader’s aim is to create a monopoly-like scenario. Unfortunately, in the bid to strengthen their positioning, most established brands do not focus much on sprucing up the brand’s internal attributes such as improving product or service quality, focusing on product portfolio and pricing strategy, etc.