Also called post-natal pads, a maternity pad is a variation of a sanitary pad that’s worn post childbirth to tackle vaginal bleeding relating to pregnancy. Such excessive bleeding is courtesy the shedding of the uterus lining, placental tissue, and also cervical mucus. Compared to regular sanitary pads, these pads are much larger in size with a higher absorbency rate. They’re also softer and longer. Sanitary pads and tampons usually cannot cope up with post-pregnancy bleeding.      

After childbirth, most women undergo postnatal bleeding, which could last for a few weeks. The condition is referred to as lochia. Bleeding from the womb (uterus) starts immediately after the baby’s birth. Right after birth, new mothers could need a new pad every hour or two. This frequency may relax by a few hours after a couple of days. If in a hospital, the nurse or midwife would provide small disposable sheets for the mother to sit on.