A customized product is any product that a buyer can modify to his preferences before purchase. Products sold both offline and online can be customized and the customization options offered vary with the product. However, customizing products online is a lot more seamless and instantaneous. Companies could offer customization services as a novelty or even resort to mass customization.

A variety of products can be tailor-made such as automobiles, clothing, coffee mugs, greeting cards, business cards, technology accessories, jewelry, wallpaper, lights, picture books, websites, etc. The customization could entail appending custom logos, images, effects, colors, and clip art to the base product.

Customization Trend

Buyers are willing to remit extra money to have products done their way. The trend started when people wanted to come across unique. Customization also means buyers being able to get a product that fits their requirements and preferences to a T, and not having to settle with a product that’s only close to what they need. Long story short, a customized product gives its consumers an outlet to self-express.

Most importantly, buyers that get products customized and are happy with the purchase are almost certain to buy that particular category of item from the same seller in the future. This customer loyalty could be attributed to the emotional attachment that’s created with the customized item and also the seller.

Limited Customization

There is a limit to how much a product can be customized, and dramatic alterations are usually not entertained. Decoration and printing methods may have improved substantially but there’s still only so much production can accomplish. For instance, a customer can request changing a t-shirt’s color but cannot ask for a change of fabric or a complete design overhaul, especially when the base product is mass-produced.