As the name suggests, Intel Teach is Intel Corporation’s efforts to enhance digital skills of teachers across the globe by providing them professional development programs and helping them incorporate communications and information technology into school syllabuses. Launched in 2000 and the program being one of the biggest private sector global education initiatives, Intel Teach also offers training to help teachers promote their pupils’ problem-solving, collaboration and critical thinking skills.

The Intel Teach program is primarily CD-based or a short series of online courses replete with audio dialogs, animated tutorials, presentations, flyers, offline activities and practice tools. Some of the 21st century learning tools employed include Web 2.0, digital content, social networking, etc. The program has benefited in excess of 10 million teachers globally, which comprises more than 1.7 million Indian teachers. The program is available in 35 languages spanning more than 70 countries. The participating teachers need not have any prior computer experience.

Intel doesn’t directly provide course completion certificates to successful participants. The course duration may vary across regions and is based on participant involvement. However, it shouldn’t normally exceed 24 hours of individual study and work. As per International Center for Research on Women’s (ICRW) research study, candidates passing out from Intel Teach have developed increased skills, knowledge and self-confidence. The improved digital skills and critical thinking abilities have also bolstered their chances of finding better jobs elsewhere.