DigiLocker (digitallocker.gov.in), a virtual vault, is one among Digital India’s key attributes that aims to minimize physical document usage and facilitate e-document sharing across government agencies and citizens. Beta-tested in February 2015, the locker was officially launched on July 1, 2015. The e-documents (passport, driving licenses, ration card, education degrees, tax return files, etc.) will be shared via registered repositories, thereby ensuring online document authenticity.

The documents can be categorized as digital documents and uploaded documents. Digital documents are issued by the government or other institutions. The uploaded documents section comprises documents personally uploaded by the user. Citizens can share their personal e-documents with government and private entities.

There are three primary beneficiaries of DigiLocker:

  • Resident: Primary users or individuals with their Aadhaar card linked to the account.
  • Issuer: Establishments issuing e-documents or digital certificates. For instance, educational institutions, registrar office, income tax department, etc.
  • Requester: Universities, employers, etc. who request access to their repository-stored e-documents.

Features and Benefits

  • DigiLocker will offer a secured and dedicated cloud space to all citizens. Registration for the locker will require an Aadhaar card. The free storage space is 1GB.
  • The file for upload must be 1MB or lesser in size. And the file types allowed are pdf, jpeg, jpg, gif, bmp and png files.
  • The locker aims to bring down overhead and administration costs pertaining to paperwork.
  • The document’s electronic nature means they can be easily accessed anywhere, anytime. The hassle-free and secure access is made possible by a document URI (Uniform Resource Indicator), which is a link for the e-document uploaded in a repository by an issuer.
  • Individuals can access government-issued files or documents via a mobile application and web portal.
  • Employers, universities and other institutions can verify applications and their authenticity by accessing DigiLocker documents via the URI.

To help village residents open a DigiLocker account, a service centre is put in place in every panchayat.


DigiLocker is a secure online storage space that falls under the legal aegis of the Information Technology Act, 2000. It uses an encrypted HTTPS connection. The locker incorporates the same security measures synonymous with Internet banking sites.

An Aadhaar card is only needed to authenticate the locker account. Once the registration is confirmed via a biometric scan or a phone number linked to the card, users can customize their passwords. They may even link the locker to their online social media accounts.