License is the permission granted by an authority to an individual or group/business to perform or exercise a particular privilege, which when done without a license is deemed illegal and subject to criminal charges. A document or certificate is usually issued by the authoritative body acknowledging the license. The license could be awarded either by a state body or any individual/group holding copyrights to the thing.

Certain activities need a license because there’s some skill needed to perform them efficiently or to regulate the space or control activity. For instance, hunting licenses are not given to everyone eligible since that may seriously affect the region’s wildlife. A driving license is required to ensure only people who know how to drive take the road, in order to prevent accidents. Similarly, a copyright holder may not grant license to every seeker, fearing property abuse or dissipation.  

Earning a License

To earn a license, an individual must undergo some test that confirms his/her eligibility to have the license. For instance, a driving license is granted to individuals who meet specific requirements and have the necessary skills. This includes the minimum age requirement, vision test, and basic driving skills. Other activities requiring a license include hunting, fishing, manufacturing, law or medical practice, wholesale and retail commerce, software usage, etc. These licenses may or may not require a test and have various other criteria.