Batch production is a manufacturing method wherein items are churned out in groups and not continually. Unlike continuous production, batch production can take up different items, provided they are fundamentally similar. This means customization is possible. For instance, a soda manufacturing company can make sodas with different flavors. The first batch will make the base soda; the second batch would entail flavor addition, and so on. In other words, every stage of the batch system is a process in itself.

A batch production workforce is flexible and can switch between different production stages, since every stage is not vastly different from the other. This helps minimize work boredom. Also, the production line can be altered fairly easily to accommodate production of other similar goods. Batch production system makes sense when there are limited quantities needed. Invariably, the production is seasonal or varies with demand. Once the product demand fizzes out, the manufacturing line is appropriately altered to make way for another item currently in demand.