Chauvinism is extreme bias for a cause or people belonging to a particular gender, nationality, race, place, language, religion, caste, etc. In other words, chauvinism is a belief that one’s identity is superior to other identities despite there being no empirical evidence authenticating the superiority. Chauvinism not just means loyalty for a particular clan, but usually also signifies hostility or resentment toward opposite or other similar groups. 

The term “chauvinism” is used more commonly to describe men who believe women don’t deserve equal respect or they aren’t as intelligent as men. The “male chauvinist” term became prominent when feminists or advocates of women’s rights were actively seeking equal rights for women and men in America during the 1900s. The term’s usage became quite common during that period. This is probably the reason why when people talk about chauvinism, most people relate the term to arrogant men. However, chauvinism is much more beyond sexism or misogynists.