A service is any valuable assistance offered for a premium, or for free, at times. Service is intangible and must have quality, adaptability and credibility, for it to be preferred by the recipient. It is something the recipient values or wants. Service is not consistent, varies in nature, and can’t be separated from the provider. For example, hair-cutting, teaching, and management consulting services can’t be isolated from the respective professionals and may carry varying qualities, for there’s a human element attached.

Service is a major aspect of economics. A couple of examples being goods transfer and mail delivery. There are basically three different types of services: consumer service (healthcare, restaurant, tourism, etc.), business service (IT, advertising, banking, insurance, etc.), and public service (police, roads, sanitation, etc.).       

A service is sought for the benefits it offers. Not every individual or consumer is capable of self-service – therefore, the service provider element. For instance, storage, email, and wireless networking services are difficult for a common person to create and manage. Individuals and institutions capable of delivering both function as service providers.