Also called Web 2.0 Conference, Web 2.0 Summit was first held in 2004 in San Francisco to discuss World Wide Web developments. Tim O’Reilly, O’Reilly Media founder, started and moderated the annual event, which aimed to evolve how people use and perceive online technology. He is also known for having popularized the “Web 2.0” term. The event was co-moderated by John Battelle, an entrepreneur and renowned journalist. The Web 2.0 summit breathed its last in 2011. There was no event held in 2012 due to John Battelle’s busy schedule – his new book process and commitments at Federated Media.

The yearly conclave usually housed prominent entrepreneurs and web community experts. The conference hall exhibited new web projects and companies. People who couldn’t attend the conference stayed abreast by touching up conference notes and files uploaded online. The conference has been on an indefinite hiatus, but the founders promise to come back again with a fresher and more relevant way to connect, once Mr. Battelle is done with his book.