Accident & Emergency Department
Image credit: Flickr

Also known as casualty department or emergency care, accident and emergency (A&E) department is a 24-hour medical facility within a hospital dealing with medical emergencies: heart attacks, sports injuries, industrial accidents, paediatric emergencies, etc. It’s equipped with all resuscitation facilities and necessary accommodation for patients. The A&E team usually consists of orthopedic surgeons, trauma surgeons, psychiatrists, neurosurgeons, medical social workers, physiotherapists, nurses and pharmacists.  

Generally, both kids and adults with threatening injuries or medical cases are provided access to the department, with priority usually given to the most serious cases (life-threatening or dying conditions). To ensure the most critical cases are attended to first, most hospitals categorize the clinical conditions and have experienced nursing staff to oversee the process. The staff use scientific and systemic methods for assessing and interpreting patient condition. If the nurse thinks the condition doesn’t deserve emergency care, the case gets redirected to a minor injuries unit, urgent care center or general practitioner (GP).